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Dan Smith
You'll Never Walk Alone: Shoe Tattoos by Dan Smith, 2022
Hardcover Publication with Matte Lamination
176 pages on 135gsm silk
7 x 9 in (17.78 X 22.86 cm)
Limited First Edition of 500

"Just like tattoos, shoes can be such a unique expression of individuality…but obviously a little less permanent. What happens when you combine the two? I've been tattooing over 20 years and like most artists my age, I got taught to try to be as well rounded as possible when it comes to giving the client what they wanted. Most importantly, never letting whoever walked in the shop leave disappointed. This gave me an appreciation for all tattoo styles and kept my skill set pretty diverse from the get go. Being inspired by artists doing fine-line tattoos was amplified after moving in 2004 to the home of it - Los Angeles. I would have never thought so many people would want these tiny little shoes I started doing. Whether it’s someone's first pair of skate shoes, or someone’s race winning track and field cleat, it seems I have done those and everything in between. I feel lucky to be able to do what I do. Please enjoy the collection in my new book Shoe tattoos by Dan Smith." - Dan Smith

Dan Smith's "You'll Never Walk Alone" for BEYOND THE STREETS

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